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Dougie Brimson

Author, screenwriter, public speaker

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With a writing career stretching back over 20 years as well as 18 years in the military prior to that, Dougie has a wealth of experience not just of publishing and screenwriting, but of life.


Overflowing with anecdotes and humour, he is an entertaining and engaging public speaker who is happy to pass on as many pearls of wisdom as you would care to hear!


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Dougie visited ESLA to take part in a ‘Dare to Dream Day’; the aim of which was to inspire students and help them explore options post-16 including universities, industry, employment and apprenticeships through our careers programme.


Dougie was inspirational when talking to large groups of students who were truly gripped by his presentation as he described his unique life experiences and how they have led to his fantastic achievements to date.


The student’s feedback included “I have watched Green Street and to actually meet Dougie, the man who wrote it, and realise I could actually be as successful as him one day was truly inspirational.”


“Dougie spoke to us about his different careers and it made me realise that with a little bit of hard work I can achieve my career goals”


We will definitely be inviting Dougie back to ESLA as we know he can engage the students and truly inspire them.


Barry Wheller – Director of Progress (Year 11, SEN and CEAIG at ESLA, Liverpool)



'Dougie Brimson, the author, screenwriter and war veteran kept it real after his visit to us here at Everton Free School. Dougie gave our students a real insight into his life, his books, his writing and his past. Hitting the back of the net with his honesty, Dougie says it how it is.... He certainly scored a beauty with us.'


Jacqui Colbeck

Everton Free School




As part of the Big Word Fest in April this year, Watford Writers were delighted to welcome Dougie Brimson back to talk about his varied writing career. Dougie was a delight to work with leading up to the evening and happy to deliver his experiences in whatever format worked best on the night. We agreed on an interview scenario.


Dougie was forthright, honest and candid in his answers, giving us an insight into the variety of his work. We enjoyed the anecdotes of screenplay writing, including mentions of Martin Kemp and Lynda La Plante, how he gave up writing for a while and the ease with which his first book was published. Very different to many other authors that visit the group. His philosophy of hard work and doing something he enjoys were enthusiastically conveyed. A comment from one of the guests on the night was ‘I don’t like football, but I really enjoyed listening to Dougie this evening.’ We hope it won’t be another ten years until he visits the group again!


Helen Nicell

Watford Writers



Mr Brimson visited my previous school in early 2015. He visited a group of Sixth Form students who were studying both A-Level Drama and Media Studies. Before the event they watched one of his films and prepared questions for a Q & A session.

Questions ranged from:

Why do you write?

What are the skills you need to write screenplays?

How do you research your characters?

And other questions along those themes.

It was a positive experience for the students as they were able to meet someone who knows and actively works within the industry, and who also understands and lives the journey from an idea, to a tangible project that is created into visuals.


Sabrina J Elliot


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